NOGA Minicool is using the VENTURI principle to spray an air + liquid mixture. The Minicool enables the user to easily control both the air flow rate and liquid rate.
- Strong magnetic base.
- Separate o/off air and fluid control.
- Stainless steel armoured syphone hose and air hose.
- Simple,inexpensive,rugged.
- Nozzle connected via Loc-Lineֲ® flexible hose.
- Two spray units.
- Also available with 2m syphon hose (order no. MC3110), or with 2m Air hose (order no. MC3120), or with 2m Air and Syphon hoses (order no. MC3130)

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Additional Info

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  • ขนาด:
     One spray unit of length (mm)Two spray unit of length (mm)
    Air hose Syphon hose 264 334 279 264 334 479
    1 1 MC1700 MC1800 MC2000 MC3000 MC3100 MC3200
    1 2 MC1710 MC1810 MC2010 MC3010 MC3110 MC3210
    2 1 MC1720 MC1820 MC2020 MC3020 MC3120 MC3220
    2 2 MC1730 MC1830 MC2030 MC3030 MC3130 MC3230
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